Language Proficiency - LP

Since 2012 any pilot is obligated to take the language proficiency exam for flying abroad.
You can reach following proficiency levels:
  • Level 1-3
    • not sufficient!
  • Level 4
    •  „operational“ level, able to fly without restriction abroad
    • valid: 4 years
  • Level 5:
    • advanced English knowledge
    • for future airline professionals
    • valid: 6 years
  • Level 6:
    • native level
    • valid: a lifetime

The Exam

In the first part of the exam you will have a general conversation with your examiner. This conversation tests your ability of free and clear talking by answering random question from different general topics.

The second part includes a PC-based grammar and vocabulary test.

Both parts will be recorded and saved to a server from the national aeronautical authorities and will be crosschecked and rated from a second independent examiner.

Failed the Exam?

If you have failed the language proficiency exam you have to visit an English retraining course before participate the LP exam again.
This retraining is necessary because authorities assume that by just retake the exam any candidate will not automatically understand and speak a better English.

This means, if you reach level 3 or do not pass the exam at all, you have to visit an additional English training course.


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