Commercial Pilot Licence

From hobby- to commercial pilot with the CPL(A) training course. Compared to the PPL(A) you can transport goods and passengers with the CPL(A) licence as an commercial pilot in visual- or instrumental flight conditions with single- or multi engine piston aircraft.

Theory Lessons

The theory lessons of 200h are hold individually in our classroom and via eLearning (web based training).
Each training module will be tested with a stage check which has to be passed with at least 80% before entering the next module.

Following subjects are trained and tested in this training course:

  • Air law
  • Aircraft general knowledge
    • Instrumentation
    • Mass and balance
    • Performance
  • Flight planning and flight monitoring
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight

The entire CPL(A) training course, tests and reviews will be hold in English.
After successfully passing all stage checks the candidate is permitted to take his CPL(A) exam at Austro Control.



For the CPL(A) following requirements are needed:

  • valid PPL(A) including
    • 150h TT (Total Time)
  • minimum age: 18 years
  • valid Medical Class 1
  • Instrument Rating IR(A) recommended (no obligation)
  • academic readiness
    • entry test in mathematics and physics
    • technical background recommended
  • solid English language
  • flawless reputation

Practical Training

The SEP-CPL(A) training course includes 25h dual flight with flight instructor. For candidates without a IR(A) licence an extra 10h basic intrument-training will be added to the standard training course (IR(A) licence holder will be credited).

5h of the CPL(A) practical training has to be done with an aircraft certified for at least 4 passengers with a retractable landing gear and pitch propeller.

Following will be trained during the 25h dual flight sessions:

  • Traffic pattern
  • Traffic pattern incl. abnormal- and emergency procedures
  • Maximum performance
  • Go-around / crosswind t/o
  • Flight at high airspeeds
  • Flight at critically slow airspeeds
  • Cross country flying
  • Basic instrument flying
  • Radio navigation / Use of VOR and NDB
  • Advanced instrument flying
  • Advanced instrument flying with complex aircraft
  • Radio navigation / Use of VOR, NDB and DME with complex aircraft
  • Stage-check CPL(A) with complex aircraft

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