Instrument Rating

The aim of the Instrument Rating - IR(A) is to train candidates flying and navigate with radio navigation equipment underneath visual meteorological conditions.

Theory Lessons

The IR(A) - Training includes 200h total theoretical lessons in the classroom and as web based training course.
The online training course may be started anytime and is the basic requirement for the following lessons in the classroom.

Every module has to be finished with a stage check test, which includes 30 questions and have to be passed with at least 80% of correct answers, before entering the next Module. Following subjects are trained and tested in this training course:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Communication

After passing all modules and finishing the classroom lessons any candidate has to pass the theory exam at Austro Control.



For the IR(A) following requirements are needed:

  • Night flying certificate NIT(A)
  • Medical Class 1 or Medical Class 2 including "IR-Check"
  • solid English language
  • General radiotelephony licence
  • valid passport

Practical Training

50h of flight training are needed for IR(A) SEP training course:

  • Basic Instrument Flying
  • Advanced Instrument Flying
  • Progress Check – Instrument Flying
  • Use of NDB
  • Use of VOR
  • Use of VOR and DME
  • Use of NDB, VOR and DME
  • Use of Transponder
  • VOR Holding
  • NDB Holding
  • Departure Routes - Holdings
  • VHF / DF
  • Progress Check
  • Instrument Approach / ILS
  • Non Precision Instrument Approach
  • Instrument Approach
  • Progress Check Instrument Approach
  • En-route
  • Advanced Instrument Flying
  • Radio Navigation / En-route
  • Radio Navigation / Review
  • Stage Check IR(A)

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